Everybody deserves to come home to a beautiful, green, exuberant outdoor space be it large or small. A tiny shaded balcony or town garden can deliver on colour, scale and texture given the right planting choice, lighting and attention to detail.

Layers of interest and mystery are key to a well designed larger plot. Choosing to work with a designer adds value to your garden and personalises your outdoor experience. Expertly chosen hardscape materials complementing the house and surroundings coupled with great structural planting ensures you garden looks good throughout the year.

For my clients I always endeavour to create a sense of escape by working closely on plant choices evocative perhaps of a childhood garden or memories of holidays. This detailed horticultural approach using the right plants for site and soil can imbue the garden with a little bit of magic for years.

Even if you have no particular knowledge of plants or what you want, after chatting with you for a short while and being in the garden I get a good sense of where to take the design to deliver a unique well crafted garden.

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