Queens Park Garden, London

My clients wanted a lawned garden with romantic planting, a place for a swing seat, storage, fruiting trees and seasonal interest. I planted a Winged Spindle Tree, Euonymus Alatus for its beautiful flowers, unusual fruits and autumn colour, alongside climbing plants, Clematis and Trachelospermum Jasminoides and an Amelanchier for its’ spring blossom and autumn colour. I repeated the warm tones using the same brick as that of the house in the boundaries closest to the house where the family will dine and entertain. The garden was planted in late Autumn / winter and when the flowers bloom in late spring, the final photo and completed hard landscaping will be uploaded.

Went to sow a meadow

This steep site in Devon near the Jurassic Coast required leveling to make the land more usable. The boundary hedges were coppiced to increase the sunlight. We banked up the newly leveled area with sleepers and posts, and sowed the seed once the temperature was right. In the summer we are looking forward to Ragged Robin, Ox Eye Daisies, Selfheal, Black Knapweed, Achillea Millefolium and Anthriscus.

Meadow on an Island

My clients wanted a meadow on an island in the Thames, a simple paired back setting for their house on stilts. Each year a new path is mown to add a new dynamic to the garden.

Valentino Red Campaign Spring/Summer 2015

I was also involved in a recent Valentino Red shoot where I recreated spring/summer during a rainy autumn, with meadow flowers, grasses and roses. 

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The Avenue, Queens Park, London

I worked with my client, over a period of four or so years transforming an abandoned garden which stretched out before us below the terrace down to the railway tracks. The garden was a dense mass of old roses and raspberry canes, which we cleared and built a garden using formal symmetry, with a series of ‘rooms’. The planting in the main south facing bed is light and airy, with pale greens and whites.

West Hampstead Garden, London

I designed this garden for my West Hampstead client 9 years ago. In that time the trees on the neighboring properties have grown steadily reducing some of the sunlight in the garden. The photos show a re-working of this established garden enhanced using tall pots creating the opportunity to get plants off the ground, away from the shadows and into the sun light with Roses, Geums and irises.   Spring bulbs will be a focal point in the pots next year. My clients' enjoy the sculptural quality of the Ironstone range we chose to work with and are delighted with the results.  The colours work well with the Victorian brickwork and the colour choices and textures of the planting design.

West Hampstead Garden, London

Milman Road Garden, Queens Park. London

Belsize Park Garden, London 

I designed a fresh green and white planting scheme for my clients' front garden to compliment their beautiful and imposing town house. The brief was to create privacy and year round interest. The trees used have a strong physical presence on the boundary line while not obscuring the view beyond, the white hydrangeas underneath are fresh and exuberant. The evergreen ground cover planting has a softness to it, in contrast to the sharp creamy Travertine stone. The rear garden while retaining some of the formal layout of the front garden has planting beds packed with colour Dahlias, roses, Japanese Anemones, Soft downy grasses, Perovskia and fruiting Blossom trees,

Mapesbury Conservation Area

My clients gave a great brief and we worked together,  incorporating favourite plant choices into the design.  The garden has four distinct planting areas : Master bedroom roof terrace with south facing aspect, where Mediterranean plants grace the space, Olives, Rosemary and Agapanthus.  The Rear Garden: Soft ferns and Festucas cushion the ground in the rear garden where a commemorative stone statue of a boy sits amongst the foliage.   A backlit stained glass window from the original house is sited here against the boundary, bringing together the old and the new.  A multi stemmed Betula is planted in front of the window with Alliums and ferns.  A side terraced garden at ground level has been created pushing back the earth with a raised planted area and retaining wall faced in cherry wood. To create a privacy screen here, mature pleached Tilias formed the high level planting and an Amelanchier creates sculptural Winter, Spring and Autumn interest,  underplanted with a profusion of Roses, Euphorbias and Nepeta, viewed from below  Front garden: the lawn was a challenge. The soil level had been lowered  and the unforgiving clay was worked on to provide a good subsurface for the turf.   It poured with rain for weeks halting progress until finally the lawn went down and looked great complimenting the scheme. To mark the corner boundary of the property and to give structure and majesty to this front garden,  a Liquidamber was planted where the evening sun will catch its' Autumn spectacle of rusts and fiery reds complimented by the underplanting of Achillea Terracotta and Knifophia ‘Tawny King’.  The Autumnal foliage has the perfect backdrop in  the original London stock brick wall which surrounds the garden.

Creighton Garden, London