Secret Garden, London

This garden within a garden was made from materials found on site, house bricks and paving slabs were reworked and enjoyed for their patina and sense of history. Working in a carbon neutral way with what lay about us on site was hugely rewarding. We extended the terrace in a recto linear pattern behind the reclaimed Indian doors. A sustainable backdrop was made from Medite Smart Ply a product with a life expectancy of 50 years. This was painted in the style of coral coloured Venetian stucco.

Roses and wisteria are trained across the backdrop and provide interest, scent and texture behind the family sized swinging day bed, and cafe tables and chairs. The frame for the doors is made from reclaimed, reworked timber which frames the view both from inside the secret garden and without. The draped garden lights offer a subtle glow as night falls on this intimate private space. The mirror was picked up at a market, and the frame painted the same colour as the backdrop. It reflects the mature trees, shrubs and gardening light at dusk.